Katsu is a very dedicated personal trainer. He is functional,, he aims to achieve his clients goals. He follow up his clients very closely. He is very approachable and available all the time and easy to get along with.



Having trained with Katsu for 4 years I can highly recommend his service. From a technical perspective he is always paying attention and suggesting alterations to form. He is always to happy to discuss working on a project and makes excellent programs. He’s also a great laidback guy who is always up for a chat.



I hired Katsu to give me programs and to improve my results in the gym such as getting stronger in squats, bench press and deadlifts. The results I enjoyed was being able to lift 100 kilos in bench press and squats and 135 kilos on deadlifts which I enjoyed those results because I didn't think I will ever be able to lift that much weight.



I picked up a pt card from my gym at the time (fitness first willoughy) having seen katsu train with another gym goer. He seemed friendly and knowledgeable so I gave it a go. I wanted to learn deadlifting as I had avoided it for some years as I heard horror stories about back injuries from a friend. Katsu gave me confidence and the technical ability to deadlift properly at a basic level. Core strengthening (McGill 3) and bracing being the most important part for me. I also liked the privacy we had not being around many others whilst training. Feels very personalised and you don't have to deal with people watching you learn new exercises.



I joined KSU fitness to develop a fitness program that would tailor to my needs and help me achieve my desired outcomes. Not only was I happy with the outcome but I have continued on to further develop and extend my goals



Katsu has been a great trainer for me, I’ve never been fitter or stronger and performing better on the cricket field. His attention to technique with his background in powerlifting as well as his ability to keep things sports specific is a great asset to any level of trainer.